Austin Layne

Austin Layne was born Austin Layne Brasher on January 27, 1990. He spent much of his life in Grand Saline, TX – which is where he claims as his hometown. Austin Layne graduated from Robert E Lee High School (Tyler, TX) in 2009. Austin then went to work in the oilfield for 6 years. During that time, he learned to play the guitar and began songwriting. In March 2014, Austin Layne played his first professional gig at The Forge in Ben Wheeler, TX and by March 2015, Austin decided to leave the oilfield to pursue his six string dream.

In January 2015, Austin Layne met his soul mate and (eventually) music manager, Brianna. The two plan to “get hitched” in the near future. They share three kids Elijah, Hallye, and Emma.

Austin has a strong passion for songwriting. 90% of his songs are from real life experiences of himself or someone close to him, such as “Start Over Monday”, “I’m A Runner”, and “Take Another”. His love for songwriting and telling stories is tremendous, and he doesn’t hold back!

Austin Layne’s first record “I’m A Runner” was released March 23, 2016.

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